Why us

“For us our project is like a cake: the exterior must be presentable but the inside must also be very delicious.”

“For us the project is like a dress which must be beautiful but also fits the owner very well.”

Key words are “comfort” + “details“. To achieve these, we must consider the following carefully:
Perfect function schema at all time
Great ventilation
Correct lighting
Well sound control
Many designers think that the most important thing is just to create a nice project, but we believe that a project should not only be aesthetically pleasing but everything else should be perfect too.Customers must live in an environment not only beautiful but also comfortable, where all things are at the right place.

The best compliment we can receive is when the customer tells us that our project is exactly what they wanted and does not only reflect their taste but also their needs.

Our Philosophy

To provide excellence in architectural and urban design we think that inspired architecture begins with a vision. At Finenco Architects, our guiding principle is to navigate these moments with skill and creativity to bring the desired vision to a meaningful and evocative reality.

We believe our personal experience is what clients pay for and, therefore, should receive. Finenco Architects believes all projects revolve around the Client; their dreams, values, budget and collective vision. We believe that inspired Design is the natural result of spaces that have relevance, celebrate beauty and are built with their users in mind. We bring extensive Knowledge and solid experience as collaborators with a passion for excellence.

Our design merges efficiencies of contemporary architectural science with the values of cultural identity. In essence, we believe a Chinese building should reflect the local culture but with a worldwide experience; yet both built in the most up-to-date methods and materials available.

How We Work

In order to achieve the best results in every field, Finenco Architects relies on three strong concepts:

Team Work

Through communication and team work, our architects can propose several solutions in order to meet the client’s needs.


We cooperates with local companies to meet the requirements and necessities of large scale projects and guarantee the most appropriate and effective use of resources and know-how.


Our architects are skilled in different disciplines – architecture, landscape design, interior design, etc. – the outcome of their team work is therefore complete under every aspect.

Our work

Finenco Architects specialises in the following 3 major sectors:

1.Urban planning

2.Architectural projects and Interior design

3.Restoration and adaptive reuse of historic structures

Our italian architects

Arch. Alfio Di Bella

Arch. Alberto Zatta

Arch. Enrico Giuseppe Rosselli

Arch. Fabrizio Monga

Arch. Gian Paolo Vitale